May 14  3:00 am _ May 15  3:00pm  2016

116 W.  Houston New York in partnership with Knotel
Special thanks to Splashlight Studios and Perrier™


Edgar Mosa ( Art Jeweler Object Maker)
Samuel Farrier (Artist)
Matin Zad (Photographer)
Peter Do (Fashion Designer)
Richard Haines (Illustrator)
Philippe Roques (Nose, Perfumer)
Joseph McShea (Artist)
Jun Mizumachi (Sound Composer)
McLayne Ycmat (Art Director)
Derek Johnson (Fashion Film Maker)
Laura Perlongo (Writer, Photographer)

Art jeweler Edgar Mosa set the tone with an oversized shoe lace and pearls, and went on to explore time and space through chain making. It is a clock, a hand made and performative process _ ultimately invading the space and the different contributors’ works.

Artist Samuel Farrier conceived an abstract sculpture, ever-evolving in time and space and made of materials and objects he collected over the past few weeks. He had these materials delivered from different locations over the length of 36 hours. Farrier blends a strong interest in object and material with an exploration of global misappropriation and distate.  

Fashion Designer Peter Do regards textile development as one of the few outlets for genuine innovation and performed live painting for the first time on plastic textiles _ covering models. He then constructed multiple garments in an extreme rapid fashion, which were modeled by contributors and members of the audience.
Sound Composer Jun Mizumachi performed live on top of a 36 hour piece he composed beforehand, playing sequences and layering artists interviews conducted by Hotel Particulier Director Frederique Thiollet. His compositions are a synthesis of sounds he extracts from his urban surroundings and travels, and breaks them down to a grain _ tiny dots of sounds and texture. 

Illustrator Richard Haines settled in a space of his own, sketching sensitive renderings of selected subjects from instagram and from the surrounding ambience at 36 Hours dis:play _ with his deeply sentimental treatment.
Perfumer Phil Roques, deconstructed a perfume on the length of 36 hours, in 10 scents around the notion of sweat. The scents were bandaged and documented on the contributors’ body at different time lapse blending with their own sweat.
Fashion Film Maker Derek Johnson, explored a 6 month recorded footage of a model guest staying at his home and extracted a pure essence in a 10 second film _ an hypnotic video where the sense of touch is coming to the surface of the screen.

Laura Perlongo, with her work “post it”, observed from an adjacent glass room, the artists and audience and commented live with a sort of automatic writing on post it. It transformed along the 36 hours, and became very interactive until the glass became fuller with notes. The audience felt more and more comfortable to dialogue with her as she disappeared before them. In turn, she felt more exposed under time pressure to feed the social media with the immediacy of the exchange.

Matin Zad _ Photographer
_ New York based photographer Matin Zad’s distinctive, idiosyncratic images have placed him amongst the most exciting new talents since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 2013. Born in Toronto, his stark yet dreamlike work exists somewhere between fashion photography and fine art, gaining him attention in both fields. In 2013, Zad was the first place recipient of Bottega Veneta’s New Exposure Photography Competition, and collaborated with Duckie Brown on a poster campaign that appeared throughout New York Fashion Week. His work has appeared in renowned publications including Surface, CR Fashion Book and T Magazine. http://matinzad.com/

Edgar Mosa _ Contemporary art Jeweler
_ was born in Lisbon, Portugal where he was trained as a goldsmith at the age of 14. He earned his bachelor of design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands followed by a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art in the US.
Mosa has a very hands-on studio practice, culminating in work that both flirts with costume jewelry and its lexicon. His studio in New York City has become a secret hideout for underground stars, designers and artists of all types.
Grounded in method and material, his work explores temporal symbolism, his environment and pure creative impulse.
Mosa has taken part in art fairs including, Art Basel, Sofa Chicago, Object Rotterdam and has exhibited in galleries both in Europe and the US. His work is broadly featured in art/design publications as well as periodical magazines. Edgar Mosa works and lives in New York.

Edgar Mosa shortly after participated to the Show Cult at the Stedelijk Museum in collaboration with Current Obsession with a live performance inspired by his work at 36 Hours.


Samuel Farrier _ Artist . Art direction
was raised in Wyoming in an aerospace manufacturing facility. Working in aircraft production, Farrier gained intimate awareness of industrial method and manipulation of materials. Craving external influence Farrier moved to New York and spent his early 20’s on extended contracts living and working in Europe and Asia immersed in the industry of global fashion. Embracing his dissonant past Farrier blends a strong interest in object and material with an exploration of global misappropriation and distaste. Farrier lives and works in New York.  http://www.samuelfarrier.com/

Peter Do _ Fashion Designer
_regards textile development as one of the few outlets for genuine innovation. His streamlined separates are crafted from slabs of neoprene, pleated micro-suede and other plastic textiles, all manipulated into each other through heat bonding and quilting. He took home the LVMH Prize in 2014 and been working at Celine under Creative Director Phoebe Philo as a designer for the Runway collections.

Peter Do participated to the “Extraordinary Process” exhibiton honoring Zaha Hadid in September 2016 at Maison Mai Non in London.

Jun Mizumachi _ Sound Composer
_ born in Japan, Jun Mizumachi writes electro-acoustic music and creates sound design for film, theater, dance and art installations.
He participated at ICMC 2005 (Barcelona) with "Machine Game", ICMC 2008 (Belfast) with "PF-20" and CIM 2012(Trieste) with "Flashes of Time". Also He created a sonic landscape for the new history wing at the Singapore Museum in 2006. Currently he has been writing and performing live for the Hayden Planetarium at The American Museum of Natural History. He lives and works in New York City. http://www.cuttingroom.tv/sound/jun_mizumachi

Phil Roques _ Nose Perfumer
_ graduated as a pharmacist before joining L'Oreal as a fragrance analyst. In 2000, he was hired by a Fragrance House. For Philippe, as a virtuoso pianist in classical and contemporary music, creating fragrances is playing with simple accords as well as interpreting them in a "theme and variations" way. He particularly enjoys oriental notes and loves working with woody notes. Born in France but with British roots, he has maintained strong cross-channel links. This enables him to have a deep understanding of both cultures and an appetite for traveling. Philippe enjoys urban environments and their energy. He worked in Creative Studios in Paris and New York. He is now based in São Paulo Brazil.
Phillipe's portfolio includes: Six scents Illicit Sex’, ‘Adidas Originals 'Jeremy Scott', Oriflame 'Visions V Joy Ride', Burberry 'Summer for Women', Byblos 'Blu Happy Hour', Coty 'L'Aimant Caresse d'Orchidée'.

Derek Johnson _ Fashion Film Maker
_is a New York City based fashion filmmaker. His work focuses on beauty theory and the use of cosmetics to create individual mythologies. Within the very new genre of fashion film he seeks to work within the grey area between still and moving image.

McLayne Ycmat _ Graphic . Art direction
_ is junior Art Director at Baron Baron.  McLayne explores the threshold between image and graphics. Spending most of his time with fashion imagery, he is working on  his own photo based queer publication, EPICENE. He graduated from Parson School of Design in 2016.

Laura Perlongo _ CopyWriter. Photographer, Social Media
_ is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores digital identity construction and its effect on experience, perception, storytelling and memory. Often using a journalistic approach to capture raw materials that she then decontextualizes, she creates an open-ended world of fantasy where everything actually kinda happened. A Detroit native, Laura has lived and worked in New York, Amsterdam and Los Angeles across multiple fields, most notably as an advertising writer and digital content director. 

Photographer Joseph McShea explored his medium: natural light. He tracked the sun through its cycles of twilight, day and night. His camera’s shudder ticked off hours like a thumb counting prayer beads. The exposures on film recorded subtle changes in light and color temperature, reminding us that we measure time by the movement of our planet and stars.

Richard Haines _ Illustrator
_ his wildly popular blog, "What I Saw Today," documents the clothes and attitudes of New York's every day trendsetters and fashion icons of all ages. It is not uncommon to see Haines seated front row at fashion week's most desirable shows busily sketching images for magazines and blogs who hire him to record the nuances that cannot be captured on film. His sensitive renderings of his subjects, whether they are men on the street, friends or fashion models uncover a deeply sentimental treatment. It is his fascination with the people behind the styles that informs his every stroke, propelling his work beyond mere sketches into the world where art and fashion intersect.
Most recently, he had a solo exhibition of his work “A Room of One’s own”, which opened in the Fall of 2015 at Daniel Cooney Fine Art
Richard has also covered the men’s shows for NY Times T Magazine and has documented menswear trends for a weekly column for the Sunday Times London. Among his clients are Prada, J.Crew, Pennyblack, Il Palacio del Hierro, Calvin Klein, Coach, Georg Jensen, Bobbi Brown, Unionmade Goods, Barneys, Mr. Porter Grazia, The New York Times Style Magazine, Man of the World, GQ and GQ Italy. @Richard_Haines

Richard Haines exhibited the 36 Hours wall at Daniel Cooney Fine Arts in Sept 2016.